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Sacramento County Frequencies

Scanning Central & Northern California Frequencies

Last Updated: 12/19/04

City Trunk Radio System
Sacramento City & West Sacramento

TRS Frequencies

Sacramento Police Department
West Sacramento - Yolo County

County Trunk Radio System
Sac City, Citrus Hieghts, Folsom,
Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove & County

TRS Frequencies

Sacramento County Sheriff
Metro Fire Department
Sac City Fire Department
Emergency Medical Services
City of Folsom
County Government

Fire Apparatus Assignments

Elk Grove CSD FD
Sac Metro FD
Sac City FD

Sacramento Airtraffic

Aircraft Frequencies

Sacramento has two TRS. Both are Motorola Type II systems. In Sacramento County there are very few public saftey frequencies that are still conventional. They include the City of Galt, fire paging, select EMS, and aircraft frequencies.

TRS stands for Trunk Radio System. There are 24 and 25 frequencies in the Sac city system and Sac county system, repectivley. Then there are modes or talk group IDs (These are what you see on my ID pages, for example 2850 - Sac Co. Sheriff North). Think of ID's as the different frequencies for a police department that use a conventional system. This is how it works, for example every time a firefighter goes to queue a mike on ID 2768 (Sac Meto Tactical 6), the TRS picks a frequency to transmit on. The battalion chief who he is talking to on 2768 queues the mike to respond, however the frequency that the broadcast originated on might not be the same the battalion chief responds on. The radios know when to switch frequencies because they are queued to a data frequency at the same time (one of the 24 or 25 frequencies, the data channel frequently rotates). Think about it, dozens of agencies (big agencies) using 50 frequencies, however in reality they are using hundreds of IDs.

You can hear everything that goes on in Sacramento by programming the 24 or 25 frequencies into your conventional scanner as conventional frequencies, however you will hear everything (SMUD, garbage, planning, building, transit, etc...) and with all these agencies operating on 24 or 25 channels it is virtual impossible to follow a conversation as it switches frequencies.

Emergency Medical Services

155.2650 - American Medical Response
155.3400 - UC Davis Life Flight (Disaster Control)

Fire Paging Frequencies - County TRS Simulcast

153.8900 - Sacramento City Fire - TRS ID 3120 (B1)
154.1900 - Sacramento Metro Fire - TRS ID 2608 (A1)

City of Galt

460.1500 - Police - Channel #1
460.0250 - Police - Channel #5